Journey to the Heart of Owu Waterfalls

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Nigeria is a blessed and beautiful nation populated by a lush mix of green, warm and beautiful landscapes. However, we dont do much in preserving and appreciating them. These breath-taking spectacles are awe inspiring and embedded in the fabric of the nation.

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I visited Owu waterfalls in Kwara state and I was perplexed at how amazing this natural wonder was. A hidden jewel in the heart of Mother Nature, I volunteer with AIESEC Nigeria and we had a national training seminar which was concluded with a post conference tour and we choose the Owu waterfalls and began our journey the next day.

We crammed ourselves into two buses like a can of sardines and headed out of Omu-Aran, absorbed some breath-taking landscapes and traversed some low bridges that were way too low for comfort

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The bus had some issues and then decided to take advantage of this shortcoming and took some fantastic shots of the surrounding greenery. We reached a small town where we alighted and bought some things for the trip, the people received us with warm smiles and even warmer foods. The food was so cheap and for the first time I saw akara for 5 naira, we bought so much akara we could as well have become beans ambassadors.

Took a detour off the main road and continued on a rocky ride that made us feel like we were travelling through the land of Jumanji. We had some help from some natives who rode ahead in motorcycles. We eventually got to an offbeat path that was blocked by a river which caused us to continue the journey on foot. Now our Israelite journey had really begun. We had to cross a pretty torrential river which appeared scary and required a lot of patience and balance. We had to walk across a stony river bed that made crossing tricky. It was interesting and exciting and everyone felt accomplished once they crossed.

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The long walk to Owu falls was exhilarating, we observed the different hills and valleys that dotted the landscape, and were wowed by the amazing backdrops that the lush green hills provided for amazing pictures. The road got marshy as we got closer, rivulets of warm and cold temperatures flowed out and we felt like we were walking on a holy ground, the sensation of the warm water against the sole of our feet was soothing and kept us going despite the tumultuous climb


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We encountered a herd of cows which startled us but the leader, a little boy kept them at bay. The climb got steeper and torturous as we found ourselves going up and down periodically like a stock exchange market chart. We had to catch our breaths numerous times but we remained determined to reach our goal

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Finally, we got to the entrance of the waterfall which was beautiful carved into the mountain side with massive torrents of water cascading down with so much ferocity that the splashing water resonated like the beats from a tribal drum.

We eventually descended to the mouth of the waterfall and were aghast as to how high and magnificent the view was. It was like staring at the face of a water god. There was so much water in the air that we could breathe it in. We could as well be water benders at this point.

Everyone changed into their swim suits and plunged into the pool, the water was cool and refreshing to our bodies especially after the long walk. Legend has it that the water has healing abilities, so I said my prayers. Facing the waterfall directly was impossible as the force from the crashing wave was numbing and fierce, my back was splattered by stinging water pellets. It was an odd mixture of pain and pleasure.

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Owu waterfalls is an absolutely remarkable spot, we returned to our buses after a photo session. The trek back was less stressful as we were beaming with coolness from the refreshing effect of the water.

Its really disheartening to see that the government hasn’t capitalized on this natural marvel and turned it into a proper tourist attraction, I almost felt bad visiting it for free. It was a truly exhilarating experience that could rival any of Indiana Jones’ adventures. I would highly recommended Owu falls to anyone out there looking for some excitement.



Produced By Dunsin Bankole & Joseph Ben-Obasa